Couple claims ‘creature’ is living in their home – and nobody can agree what it is

One of the biggest pieces of advice that people give you when you move into a new home is to change the locks, so no intruders come into the home. Whilst this may work for some people, some new homeowners have found a flaw in the system as they claim that a “creature” has moved into their new abode.

A couple on TikTok – who have been documenting the renovation process of their new pad – were left in utter disbelief upon the discovery of strange markings across their dusty floors in the midst of building work. The peculiar track-like prints on their floor has stumped viewers as nobody can agree.

Sharing their video on the popular video-sharing app, the couple sought advice as to what could be causing the problem.

They felt no other option, but to plead for answers after noticing that something has been “roaming” their home in late night hours.

Captioning the post, they wrote: “It seems we have a pet before we have even moved in.”

They explained: “Remember when we took off the wall in our living room?

“Well the dust created from it brought us a new problem…”

She continued: “So, there’s some sort of creature roaming around our living room in the night, only noticed because of all the dust!

“Any ideas on what would leave tracks like this?” They asked.

Whilst their thoughts immediately steered towards a strange creature, the comment section has since revealed other causes.

Arguably, the responses from viewers of the quick clip may have been the most entertaining part of it all.

TikTokers – who were keen to put the hot topic up for debate – all expressed their opinions in the comments, which some people have described as “gold” – and got a true chuckle out of it.

“What in the Harry Potter?!! Your floor is a giant Marauder’s Map!” One person wrote.

A second joked: “A North American House Hippo. They’re usually pretty peaceful, but can be aggressive when provoked.”

“It’s clearly a tiny train,” another claimed.

A fourth joked: “It’s a teenager. Very rarely seen during the day. Night time is their natural habitat.”

“It’s Doby, he needs a master,” a sixth said. Another person wrote: “BEETLES. Beetles make tracks like that.”

A gushing TikToker admitted: “Who else rushed to the comments genuinely curious as to what people thought it might be and finding GOLD instead?”