Two female police officers ‘sexually assaulted’ at Notting Hill Carnival

Two female police officers were allegedly sexually assaulted at Notting Hill Carnival, with one allegedly being ‘ sexually assaulted by a group of males’.

There were two incidents of alleged sexual assault during the two-day event in West London.

In one, a female officer was surrounded by a group of men who danced and “grinded” against her.

Although other officers came to her assistance, no arrests were made and an investigation is ongoing.

In the second, a female officer was allegedly grabbed around the neck and forcibly kissed on the face without consent.

This led to 46-year-old Florin Matei, from Islington, London, being arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Matei is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday 19 September.

In a statement the Met Police said: “74 officers were injured across the two days of Notting Hill Carnival. A number of these injuries were caused as a result of assaults.

“We are aware of two incidents where female officers were sexually assaulted.

“We recognise the impact such offences can have and we will provide both officers with the support they need. Neither officer was physically injured.”

Chairman of the Met Police Federation Ken Marsh discussed one of the alleged assaults on LBC. He said: “It is disgusting. A colleague was sexually assaulted by numerous males during the carnival. My thoughts go out to that individual right now.”

Mr Marsh went on to call for the event to be stopped and held in a private area where it “can be fenced off”.

Speaking to LBC, he continued: “The tragedy to this is 98 per cent of people who go there are law-abiding and want to enjoy themselves, but there is an element, and I am fed up of no one talking about it, of people who go for one reason – to cause harm to others. That is not stopping, has never stopped and we need to say enough is enough.

“We cannot have a situation where every year, the bank holiday weekend I discuss why there are so many of my colleagues seriously injured or assaulted. Members of the public seriously injured or assaulted.

“We seized dozens of knives over the course of the two days and stopped about 200 to 300 fights – small, sporadic fights. This is not a fun-loving weekend.

“I think it should be stopped. I think it should be in a private area like Hyde Park where it can be fenced off, people can be controlled, checked coming in and out.

“You cannot have a situation where we talk about 1.5 million people, and what are we talking next year, three million? We don’t have the resources to deal with it.

“This is tens of millions of pounds of public money that are spent on policing this.

“We are left ultimately responsible for it and whatever goes wrong and the mayor will be down our throats quicker than blink if something terrible goes wrong. This is absurd and cannot continue.”

At the carnival, Takayo Nembhard, who was known by the name TKorStretch, was knifed in front of hundreds of carnival revellers on Bank holiday Monday.

His partner Oshian Edwards is due to give birth to 21-year-old Takayo’s son in November.

She wrote on Instagram : “Takayo my sweet beautiful boy. All I can ask is why over and over again. You were the most kind-hearted, loving, funny and caring person.

“I’m sat here with sore eyes and a heavy heart as I’ve cried consistently for the last 12 hours while carrying your unborn son.”