The Louis Theroux Jiggle Jiggle dance is coming to Fortnite

The Louis Theroux Jiggle Jiggle dance is on its way to Fortnite.

The song was released earlier this year by Manchester-based duo Duke & Jones, based on an old rap from the documentary maker. It quickly went viral on TikTok.

Now, according to the Fortnite News Twitter account, the dance is heading to the battle royale.

Of course, the game is known for picking up on viral trends and popular songs.

Meanwhile, a dance lawsuit has been dismissed by a judge in America.

Back in April, choreographer Kyle Hanagami filed a lawsuit against Epic alleging that the ‘It’s Complicated’ dance emote copied moves he created for a dance routine for Charlie Puth’s song How Long.

However, US district judge Stephen Wilson said that while Hanagami’s choreography is copyrighted, the length of the Fortnite emote is too short for the law to be applied, reports PC Gamer.

“The Copyright Act’s legislative history specifically states that ‘choreographic works do not include social dance steps and simple routines,'” reads the judge’s ruling.

It seems unlikely, following this ruling, that any other Fortnite dance lawsuits would be successful.

Back in 2019, actor Alfonso Ribeiro was refused copyright of the Carlton dance after its use in Fortnite.