Families left furious over state of flats claim they’re still paying hundreds in maintenance

Families have been left furious over the horror state their flats were left in as they claim they’re still paying hundreds for maintenance.

Over 50 families live in Crossley Court, Coventry, and a number of residents have said their flats are in “desperate” need of repairs and claim the situation has become so dire that their safety is at risk.

The walls outside the high-rise flats are crumbling and disintegrating as litter is strewn across overgrown gardens and drain pipes are damaged.

Residents have been left “frustrated” living in the run down conditions, CoventryLive reported.

Ian Evans, who lives there, said residents are forking out hundreds in maintenance fees for the building but their pleas to fix the problems have fallen on deaf ears.

He said: “The company is failing to maintain the flats to a decent standard and it is falling into disrepair. There is little evidence of any maintenance being carried out and the building and grounds are in a poor state.

“The garden and front areas are overgrown and covered in litter, and the paving areas are uneven and dangerous – with a resident falling because of them a while ago. Outside doors and porches are broken and drainpipes are leaking.

“There are also ‘dangerous electrics’ as found out when trying to get Marston to sort an issue but this has never been discussed further or been rectified.”

Residents said they were told to pay for a host of building works in 2018 but they were never carried out. They added that their emails and letters to the housing management team were ignored.

Ian said: “Residents were asked in 2018 to pay an excess levy of £1,996 for Section 20 Major Work for external and internal redecoration, flooring and electrics, but this work has never been carried out.

“Instead, at a recent Annual General Meeting, residents were horrified to find out that this Section 20 money was instead used for ‘rubbish disposal’ and never used for the Section 20 work it was collected for, without any consultation with the residents.

“Marston themselves are refusing to communicate with the residents trying to find out what is happening. Emails are ignored when asking for legally required information such as safety checks, complaint procedures and asking for meetings.”

Ian has lashed out at the ‘unprofessionalism’ of the housing management team, and has urged them to address the building issues as soon as possible. He added: “Both I and the residents of Crossley Court feel like this company is actively avoiding any communications because they either do not want to deal with the issues caused by their lack of input, or that something more sinister is happening and they do not want to own up to what is going on.

“Either way, Marston is not acting to any level of professionalism which we should not expect from any company.”

Edward H Marston & Company Ltd have been approached for comment.