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Honors and Awards



The highest honor which can be given to an active DeMolay.

The Honor is given for outstanding leadership and service to DeMolay.

Brian Cielatka Jr.

Trent Dixon




The highest honor granted by DeMolay International for outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor or for success in fraternal life, including adult service to DeMolay.  The ACTIVE LEGION OF HONOR can be granted to only Senior DeMolays who are at least 30 years of age.  The HONORARY LEGION OF HONOR can be granted to Master Masons who are at least 30 years of age

M.W. Guy Jenkins – Honorary

M.W, Steve Pence – Honorary

M.W. Jimmie Steen - Honorary




 The highest honor given for outstand contributions made to DeMolay by an Advisor

Only after serving on a local Advisory Council or the Executive Officers Staff

for a period of three years does an Advisor become eligible for the Cross of Honor

Tina Cielatka


Distinguished Service Award

DeMolay International established the Disguised Service Award in fall of 1959. In some jurisdictions, the award is known as the “DeMolay of the Year” award. The purpose of the award is to recognize one DeMolay in each jurisdiction for outstanding service to others, in his home, school, church, Chapter community and country.

The Chapter’s Advisory Council members select one or more members of the Chapter whom they believe worth the recognition. Adult leaders in the community are asked to evaluate the nominee’s performance in various areas.

When all of the endorser’s recommendations have been returned to the Chapter, the Advisory Council selects one Chapter member as its nominee for the Distinguished Service Award and sends the nomination to the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer also has the privilege of making a personal nomination. Nominations may be made twice a year.


Past Master Councilor- Meritorious Service Award:

 The PMC-MSA is presented to Past Master Councilors who establish a term plan before their installation, Confer the Degrees of DeMolay at least once, observe any  Obligatory Days in their term and hold one service project and one fun event during their term.





The Representative Demolay Award (RD) is the highest self-achievement distinction a DeMolay can earn.  It signifies that he has analyzed his strengths and weaknesses in his abilities, skills and knowledge.  It tells the world that he is a young man who has already established a list of definite accomplishments, knowledge and skills that will go far in assisting him up the ladder of success no matter what yardstick is used.


Zerubbabel Key

This award recognizes the individual(s) chiefly responsible for organizing a new or reinstating a forfeited Chapter.  A maximum of two keys may be granted for each new or reinstated Chapter


Recognition Medal

Any person over 21 years of age man be nominated to the Executive Officer for the DeMolay Medal of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding service to DeMolay.  The nominee can be a man or a woman and does not need any Masonic affiliation.  The award was proposed to the Grand Council of DeMolay International in 1936 and first awarded in 1937